How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Obesity could be defined as abnormal distribution of fat in the body as a result of imbalance between consumption and expenditure of energy. Childhood obesity is becoming an issue of public health concern due to the increasing numbers of  health issues  associated with this condition. A Child is said to be obsessed   when the body mass index is equal to or greater than 95%  Percentile. This post is aimed at providing tips that will help to reduce childhood obesity, it is also intended for parental guidance in order to implement strategies to modulate the dietary lifestyle of their children.

Tips on reducing childhood obesity

Reduce the intake of carbonated drinks.  Parents to minimise intake of carbonated drinks by their children ,excessive intake  of  sweetened  drinks  leads  to displacement of milk  from children`s diet , higher daily energy intake as well as increase in weight. Thus  reduction in  intake of sugary  drinks will help in prevention of weight gain and obesity.

Promotion of physical exercise for children at home and in school we help in burning out of already stored energy and this will  help in reduction of overweight and obesity.

Educating young children at home and in school on the need to eat healthy meals optimal for growth  will assist them to adopt healthy choices when  they grow into adulthood.

In conclusion, there is need to look into the  dietary  options and physical exercise regimen when it comes to prevention of childhood obesity. Encouraging healthy diets with low  intake of carbonated drinks,  promotion of physical activity as well as teaching children on healthy dietary options for optimal growth  will go a long way to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in communities across the world.