Ways of improving the health status of mothers in various communities


 I Join the online community  of friends in Nigeria to celebrate unique individuals that play influential  roles in various families  in Nigeria. The responsible provision of maternal responsibilities is not an  easy task, little wonder today was marked  to remember  these wonderful beings. While we celebrate with our mothers in different ways today, an additional suggestion will be to encourage our mothers to adopt measures to live a safer, healthier and happier life.  

Creating an environment where our unique beings are able to engage in healthy dietary options will surely provide them with essential nutrients necessary for  optimal functioning of the body system as well as helps in prevention of disease conditions.

 Having a conducive environment  where our mothers are able to engage in physical activities in addition to having healthy interaction with other members of the community will go a long way to promote their physical and mental health.

A secured environment where our mothers are  able to have a settled night sleep , each day upon return from work or business activity  will definitely have a positive impact on their mental health  and wellbeing.

Having an environment that minimises the level of stress our mothers undergo in discharging their maternal responsibilities in our various families is an additional health benefit.

It  is essential to encourage  our lovely mothers to  get a regular health checks from family physician,  this will help to spot  any  health concern on time  while adequate and timely interventions  are being designed to remedy the situation.

In conclusion, a community filled with healthy mothers, will surely give birth to healthy children that will stay healthy  to celebrate more years of Mother`s day celebration.


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