Looking for a solution to gambling addiction


The rate of gambling is increasingly becoming common among youths in various societies across the world.  This usually starts as a fun activity but sometimes , ends  up becoming  a serious issue of addiction to  a great number of  youths. Gambling otherwise known as betting when made a regular habit  create  lots  of negative impacts  on the emotional and  mental  wellbeing of the concerned individual. Stopping an addiction to gambling is not an easy task. This post  is aimed at   supporting young adults in various global communities  to identify signs of betting addiction and map out strategies to come out of the situation.

Signs of Addiction to Gambling

 Regular discussion and preoccupation with  gambling  activities

Willingness to spend one`s last savings on betting

Using gambling as a way of relieving stress or anger  

Engaging in gambling when you feel depressed or worried

Engaging in further gambling activities to recover previous losses

Negative impact on relationship with friends and families due to trust issues.

Strategies for change

Exploring new activities or hobbies can keep one`s  mind  away from engaging in gambling activities.

Acknowledging one positive accomplishments on the road out of gambling  is  essential in  motivating  compulsive gamblers  to stay resolute in their quest to stop addiction to  betting.

 Keeping track of gambling activities ,thought ,feelings and progress report helps in  having a reflection of a way forward  for the issue.

Drafting of short and long term goals  that will guide one on the ways of coming out of  gambling  addiction  while remaining   resolute in stopping gambling.

Avoidance of situation that poses high risk such as carrying high amount of money or use of credit card could enhance one`s resolution to stop gambling.

Exclusion  of oneself from circle of friends  or avenues for gambling activities is another strategy in stopping  this issue.

It is advisable to discuss betting issues with a trusted friend or a family member , this will help to  remove the stress and the emotional pain  associated with continuous gambling.

In conclusion, coming out of gambling addiction  is  not an easy task  as it is   often associated with episodes of relapses.  Acknowledging that one has  gambling  addiction and making firm  effort  to come out of the  situation are the  key  steps  in stopping  betting addiction. following the  above tips and  reaching  out to various  support groups  for gamblers in  various   communities   will  assist in the resolution  of this problem. Keep pushing, you  will definitely come out of  the situation.


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