How to manage an unhealthy habit


Sometimes, it  becomes difficult to change an unhealthy  habit  into a new healthy one due to some factors within and outside the environment  of an individual.  While acknowledging the presence of some  challenging factors that often lead to relapse in individuals who are on their  mission  to a new health habit, understanding  the health implications of  an unhealthy habit and taking a firm resolution to turn to a new choice  are the  key steps in  changing unhealthy habits. This post is aimed at proffering   tips to persons who are ready to adopt a new healthy lifestyle.

Identify the poor health habit and the associated risk factors, thereafter  map out achievable goals for a way into a new healthy habit.

Take a firm resolution to stick to the designed strategies that will help you to actualize your goals.

You could have a change in your environment if the trigger is within the environment.

seek support by identifying  friends and families  who could help you to achieve  a new lifestyle.

Occupy yourself with healthy schedules in order to keep your mind away from  going back to the unhealthy choices.

Reward yourself whenever you achieve any of the goals  you designed at the initial stage.

In conclusion, stay patient and focused,  getting rid of  an old habit and starting a new one takes a long period of time,  sometimes  one will be faced with occasions of relapsing, however  be determined in your quest will enhance your defeat of the  former choice thus creating a new way for the latter.



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