How to get a good night sleep

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Sleep is  essential for the overall well being of the body system as it helps to repair the body system and  gets it  ready for the next day.

The following tips will enable you to have a  better night sleep

It  is advisable not to take caffeine late in the night  as this substance stimulates the brain and hinders the body system from relaxing at night.

Have an optimal sleeping environment by excluding external noise and  light from the room, will enhance one`s quality of sleep.

Ensure that   the  sleeping environment has  ambient temperature usually 20c is considered normal sleeping temperature by most people.

Avoid eating late at night as this could cause poor sleep and disruption of the body  hormones.

Having a relaxing shower prior to going to bed helps to improve one’s  quality of sleep.

Cleaning one’s mind of worries from the day`s activities before going to bed also improves  the sleeping experience at night.

Minimise  the intake of fluid  before going to bed to reduce the rate of urination at night which could disrupt  sleeping pattern.

In conclusion , there is  a great  need for one  to rule out  an  underlining  medical condition that could  give rise to difficulty in sleeping  at night. when you have problem with sleeping well at night (insomnia) which persist for weeks , it is highly advisable to visit a  doctor who  will counsel you on the best strategy to improve   the quality of your sleep.


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