How to manage stress


Stress could be defined as perception of physical or emotional tension by an individual. This feeling could be as a  result of an  event  or thought processes that make one   to become angry and frustrated .Stress gives rise to ranges of mental and physical health issues, This post is aimed at providing  healthy  options to enable individuals manage stress in communities across the world.

 Tips on  management of  stress

Spend quality time with family and friends : trusted social networks  usually offer an individual sense of belonging and self worth and this is vital in relieving  stress.

Avoid procrastination of  tasks:  having a priority list  enables  one to finish a  task on time . This helps to  reduce stress associated with the rush to  complete numerous tasks within a short time frame.

Listening to  music also enables an individual to relieve stress by taking the mind away from the source of the stress.

Engaging in deep breathing stimulates the relaxation response and  this helps to reduce stress.

Regular physical exercise improves sleep pattern  and this is essential  in relieving  stress.

In conclusion,  stress usually gives rise to physical and mental health  issues to individuals. The tips  suggested in this post are meant to direct the minds of affected individuals away from the source of the stress. Proper management of stress by individuals in our communities will help to minimize the physical and mental health issues associated with stress.


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