How to Manage Arthritis Pain


Arthritis  is  one of the major causes of pain and disability across    various communities in the  world today,  This condition could be managed through use of specific medication,  exercise and stress management .

Tips on   Management of Arthritis  Pain.

Seek Professional advice from your doctor who will enlighten you on the condition and determine the right strategy to manage it.

It is advisable to keep the joints in motion,  This could be accomplished through mild  daily  stretches , to confer complete range of motion on the joints.

Manage excessive body weight,  overweight could worsen the complications of this condition which could lead  to pain.  Engage  in moderate gradual lifestyle modification to manage your body weight.

Massage therapy could reduce the pain associated with arthritis for a while ,your massage therapist will be useful in this regard.

Acupuncture could also assist in the relief of pain associated with arthritis, it is advisable  to consult  a nearby trained  acupuncturist, if this  strategy is recommended to you by your doctor.

In conclusion,  the  pain   associated with arthritis could be managed  through exercise, use of  medication and stress management . It is always advisable to consult a doctor to determine the right strategy to manage this condition.


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