Epilepsy is not contagious


There are instances where  individuals having seizures due to epilepsy  have been denied  first aid support due to the misconception that  epilepsy is contagious.

Epilepsy is not contagious and the following tips will assist you to provide support to someone who is having seizures.

Things to do to support someone  with epilepsy

Ensure to keep the person safe during the seizure by removing sharp objects within the premise.

Do not restrain the individual , allow the seizure to run its full course.

Call for medical assistance as soon as possible.

Ensure that the individual arrives home safely after  the seizure.

Remind and assist the individuals to take their anti -epileptic medication.

Note  the time and duration of the seizure  and assist the individual to visit a doctor.

In conclusion,  epilepsy is not contagious, it becomes necessary to provide adequate support to individuals having seizures.  While you await the arrival of the emergency health team,  you could support the individual  by removing sharp materials  within the premise, allowing the seizure to run its course without restraining the individual and place the person in a recovery position at the end of the seizure.


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