Maintaining a good mental health


Mental health is often neglected by most people across the world especially in developing countries  due to low awareness   and poor funding.  Being able to manage  daily stress posed by the environment and working productively  have positive impact on the mental wellbeing of individuals.

Ways of improving mental health of individuals in  our communities

Discuss your feelings with your close friends whom you could rely upon ,this will improve your  mental health  especially when you are troubled by  a situation.

Engaging  in regular exercise makes one to  to remain fit and  improves the  overall  mental alertness  of the body system .

Eating a balanced diet provides  the brain  cells  with  the necessary nutrients for growth , thus improving mental wellbeing.

Providing a selfless care  and  service  to people helps to uplift  ones spirit and put  the individual in a state of good mental health.

Be satisfied   with what you have at the moment and work hard to improve  your condition. Unnecessary comparison   with your neighbour could lead to  pressure that might have negative impact on mental health.   

Engaging in activities that interest you could go  a long way to maintain  a stable mental wellbeing.

Do not allow pride to prevent you from seeking guidance and counselling from   genuine contacts,  you could have  immediate solution to a problem you have been cracking your brain to solve for a long time.

Taking alcohol excessively does not wipe away negative feelings for a long time,  moderate the intake of alcohol when you have negative emotions.

While acknowledging the fact that environmental  stress could have negative impact on the mental wellbeing of individuals across the world,  adopting  some  good mental health management tips could assist individuals to overcome the stress thus,  functioning  optimally in the society.


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