Health Risks Associated With Binge Drinking


Binge drinking is a term used to define the excessive consumption of drinks within a short period of time, usually five or more drinks by adult males or   four or more drinks by adult females within a period of 120 minutes. It is the commonest pattern of   excessive use of alcohol , an issue of public concern as a result of numerous associated health risks .

Some people consider this as a way of enjoyment or a fun activity , little do they know about the health risks associated with binge drinking of alcohol.

Some of the health risk associated with binge drinking of alcohol include:

Excessive intake of alcohol could give rise to elevated blood pressure.

Binge  drinking of alcohol could also result to frequent urination which could lead to dehydration and low level of essential ions in the body.

One time session of chronic use of alcohol could lead to low level of blood sugar in the body.

Drunkenness  increases tendency to engage in unprotected sex  which  could give rise to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

While  acknowledging the health benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol such as reducing the risk of developing heart disease, The excessive consumption of alcohol within a short period of time( binge drinking) come with  serious health  risks.

It is recommended that adults   avoid  binge drinking of alcohol to  curtail  the above  listed associated health risks . This will help improve the health of the adult populations across the globe.



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