The Negative Health Effects of Eating Late At Night


Many individuals in some communities across  the  world engage in consumption of food  items  late  at  night, without knowing the negative health  effects associated with  the habit.  This post will discuss some of the issues linked to this habit and in the end proffer solutions  on how to avert  late consumption of foods at night.

Eating a healthy diet is essential for the normal functioning of the body system however, wrong timing for eating meals could lead to negative  health issues.

Health issues such as  weight gain, obesity, elevated blood sugar level and heart diseases are  associated with late consumption of foods at night. In addition, this habit could disturb the sleep pattern at night  which in turn affects the memory of the brain and efficiency at work the next day .

 Furthermore, The habit   of  having dinner beyond 8pm is caused by busy lifestyles which makes it impossible for people to regular meal during the day,   high level of stress at work places,   and eating of sugary products at night etc.


In order to reduce the craving for food at middle of the night, it is  advisable for one to have a healthy  meal during the day and at  dinner. Reducing the level of stress at work during the day will also ensure that one is relaxed before going to bed at night, thus reducing the craving for food at mid night.  Cessation of consumption of sugary substances also helps to reduce hunger sensation at late night.

In conclusion,  the negative health effects  associated with late consumption of food at night will be reduced in our various communities  if individuals  engage in healthy regular eating  during the day, take  healthy dinner before 8pm at night, reduce the stress level during the day  and stop the intake of sugary substances at night.



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