Reducing the Occurrence of Suicide in our Communities


Suicide is becoming a serious issue of global public health  concern  as  a result  of the  large number of deaths arising from this condition across the World.  This post is aimed at preventing suicidal ideations among individuals as well as proffering  ideas on the ways to   reduce its incidence in global communities.

No amount of suffering, disappointment or setback in life  is worth  you taking your life  in the name of suicide.   Remember you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. Difficulties in life when critically  solved, become fuel for success in life.

Persistence, determination and  God`s  Factor  are essential  for any fruitful  venture in  life, finding  out what triggers one  to  have suicidal thoughts , will   be beneficial   in the  fight against suicidal ideation.

Ways  of Managing Suicidal   Thoughts

Block access to  objects or substances that aid in committing suicide.

If you are prescribed an antidepressant medication for  your condition, endeavour to stick to the medication regimen as directed by your doctor.

Avoid the use of substances of abuse / alcohol.

Always stay positive.

Seek professional help and support  from families  and friends.

Identify the triggers for the suicidal thought  and take apt step to abolish the triggers.

In conclusion, we can help to reduce the number of deaths arising from suicide by adopting the preventive measures listed above.


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