Dangers of Self Medication


A great number of individuals in various communities across the world tend to  carryout self diagnosis of health conditions and prescribe medications for themselves in order to treat or manage the  disease condition.   This practise is known as self medication and usually comes with  lots of potential health risks.

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 Some of the potential risks associated with self  medication  are:

Wrong diagnosis of a medical condition.

Delay in soliciting medical advice  from health care Professionals.

Wrong method of administration of  a given medication.

Gives rise to   drug interactions that are dangerous.

 Wrong use of medication for a  medical condition.

 Masking of the symptoms of  a severe health conditions.

Rather than resort to self medication, a visit to a medical   doctor will  ensure  accurate diagnosis of the health condition with the right medications being prescribed to take care of the  problem.  Always check with your Pharmacist for  the right  counselling on the safe use of medications for treatment of health conditions.

In conclusion, Self medication could have  a lot of potential health risks on individuals,  The surest way to avoid these dangers is to seek proper medical advice from health professionals on the   right  diagnosis,  right prescription of medications and the safe use of the medication in  treatment  of health problems.


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