Healthy Health Habits For The New Year


New year is usually marked by resolutions being made by individuals across the World to improve  on the various areas of their lives as well as set  smart  goals to be accomplished  for  the  new year.  A great number of people  are interested  in making plans on how to improve their finances  , connections, relationships, academic status , health and wellbeing etc.

We must realise that health is the most  important area  of  our lives that we need to make concrete resolution on , this will provide us with the optimum   physical and mental wellbeing ,that will enable us  to improve on  the other areas of life, little wonder the saying that `health is wealth`.

As the new begins, it becomes necessary for us to   adopt the   health habits  listed below,  this will provide us with   right state of physical and  mental wellbeing as well as prevent us from developing disease conditions, thus making us to achieve other major  plans for the  year.

 Engage in a  regular physical Exercise  in order to keep fit for the year.

Say no to  self medication  and abuse of drugs.

Eat a healthy diet daily.

Schedule a  regular appointment with your medical doctor for a comprehensive health checks.

Avoid eating late at night.

Drink enough water to avoid dehydration

Find a healthy network that will improve your mental health.

In conclusion,   taking adequate care  of ones  health by  observing some of the good health habits listed above  will go  a long way to provide   members of our community with  the good state of mind and body,  thus setting a platform for accomplishing other major   goals  for the year.


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