Reducing Road Accident During Festive Period


Our loved ones are already waiting for us to come home and celebrate the  yuletide  with them.  Little wonder traffic congestion is increasingly growing on major roads  across the world as  millions of  road users embark on mass  travels  to various destinations  to  reunite with families and friends.

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 We must drive carefully more than ever before to ensure safe arrival to our various destinations . This post is meant to guide you with safety measures as you embark on road trip for  yuletide celebration.

It is highly recommended  For Road users  to observe the following safety  measures:

Ensure your car/bus is serviced by a certified  automobile mechanic before you embark on that long journey.

Do not take alcohol or sedative before or  while  driving 

Check that your car tyres are in good condition

It is also advisable to check the oil gauze  before you start the Vehicle.

Driver/ passengers to use the seat belt while using the road.

Avoid over speeding and maintain  other  road signs.

 Always observe the traffic light.

Be careful of other Road  users such as cyclists and pedestrians . The observance  of the  above safety measures will help to  prevent or reduce  road  accidents thus enabling us to get to our various  destinations safely  and have wonderful celebration with families and friends.



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