Maintaining A Healthy Vision


From infancy to old age, vision is essential and we need to adopt some measures for protection against eye injury and disease.

 People who have vision impairments are not likely to live independent life and  usually classify their  quality of life lower than individuals with good vision.

Regular Eye Checkup in Delhi - Importance, Timeline & Process

on the other hand, individuals with low vision tend to experience depression, frequent falls   and  injuries.   People with good vision need to maintain  their  eyesight through personal care and  regular visit to Optometrist.  in this post  I will highlight some essential facts on eye health  in addition to ways of maintaining a good vision.

Essential facts on  Eye health

Loss of vision and blindness could be preventable

Age linked  eye problems such as glaucoma and macular degeneration usually present with no warning  signs or symptoms.

At old age , 50% of the population  will have  some form of eye problems.

Ways of Maintaining Healthy Vision

 Protect the eyes against injury by wearing safety glasses at work place and during machine operation.

Be on the lookout for glaucoma for people who are 40years and above, or who have family history of glaucoma by having  regular  eye examination.

 Reduce the incidence of macular degeneration by avoiding smoking and eating enough leafy vegetables and fish or in the  case of family history of macular degeneration,  have  a regular eye check.

Keep good eye health by protecting your eyes from UV radiation and having a regular consultation with your  optometrist or ophthalmologist.

In Conclusion, a regular eye examination with an Optometrist could   safe you from vision loss by spotting eye problems on time, thus providing timely medical  intervention.


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