Awareness on Breast Cancer



Early detection of breast cancer is the key to surviving the disease, It is essential for women of  different age groups to be aware of what needs to be done to assist in the early detection of breast cancer.

Physical Examination of the Breast

Physical examination of the breast  does not  require one to be a specialist  and does not involve a special procedure.  Create time to understand the normal look and feel of your breasts during your daily routines such as bathing, dressing , application of body cream  or by mere  having a look in the mirror.  This will assist in  getting to understand what is usual for you  thus assisting  you to spot any change with your breasts.

Breast changes to be aware of includes:

development of a new lump especially in one of the breasts

a change  in the breast  size and shape

 a change in the nipple   like redness,  crusting or inversion.

abnormal pain that takes time to subside

a different look around the skin of the breast  like redness  or dimpling

a discharge from the nipple in the absence of squeezing

Most times , these changes  are not  due to breast cancer however,  it is essential to visit a medical doctor for  further confirmation.   if you notice a change in your breast that is unusual, kindly see your doctor immediately.    In addition to  Physical examination,  there are free breast cancer screening  programs offered by Governments , Non- Governmental  organisations and  Private individuals in different countries round the World.  it will be of immense benefit to identify any of these nearby centres and take part in the Screening process. Breast cancer  could be  easily treated when discovered on time.



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