Benefits of Physical Exercise



Physical exercise can be defined as series of physical activities we engaged ourselves in order to enhance our physical fitness or the overall well being of the body.

 This could be classified into three  which includes : flexibility exercise, aerobic  exercise and  anaerobic exercise.  flexibility exercises such as stretching of the hands and legs help to improve the range of motion of the joints and the Muscles  in the system.  Aerobic exercise  such as running or jogging  increases the endurance of the heart  and anaerobic exercise is  basically used to increase the strength of the muscles for a short term such as weight training.

It  is highly recommended   for  adults to engage in physical in order to maximise the  health benefits of the process.  if you are confused on the type of exercise suitable for you for reasons such as : age, health issues, body schedules.   It is recommended that you visit  your  physical therapist  for  a professional advice.

Benefits of physical exercise includes: It helps to increase the Physical fitness of the body , it helps to improve blood circulation in the body and this helps to fight lots of   heart diseases.  Physical exercise assists in the physiological processes that occur in the body system.

Remember , engaging in Physical body  exercise is not only when you go out to the park or to  the  field to engage in physical exercises, you could have mild to moderate excises such as brisk walking, stretching of the hands and legs at the comfort of your home if you are  engaged in busy schedules.

Overall,   physical exercise is a healthy practise for the  fitness of the body and helps to maintain healthy weight and circulation.  It is recommended that individuals engage in specific exercises to maximise these health benefits.



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