Benefits of Eating a Healthy Diet


Healthy  diet could be defined as a balance diet  that has the proportion of the seven classes of food  in right amount.   The  classes of food  includes  carbohydrates, fats, dietary fibre, minerals, proteins, vitamins and water.

 There is a  need to have a balanced diet , a  daily healthy diet  that is going to give the combination of these classes of nutrients in the right amount ,

How To Plan A Healthy Diet - Istriadalmaziacards

 The benefits of eating healthy diet includes : provision  of the body with the essential nutrients needed for optimal function,  provides one with energy  required to carryout daily activities ,  healthy diet assist the immune system in the fight against diseases, a healthy diet also helps with a clear and high functioning brain etc.

To maximise the benefits of eating healthy diet, there is need to have  a weekly menu or fortnightly menu designed to contained these essential  classes of food. 

It might  surprise you to know that many people spend so such money eating unhealthy foods in form of junks but spend little or no money  to  plan and  prepare healthy meals.

In conclusion,  take  your time to review your  daily diet today and see the areas you need to improve upon in order to  maximise the benefits of eating healthy diet.


  1. Well said my love…well done. Basically the built environment especially in the developed countries encourages this lately and unfortunately the low income countries imitates this thinking is a form of development.


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