Need for Regular Health Checks


These are series of physical and laboratory tests being carried out on individuals to get to know the overall state of health  of their body system.  Some of these essential  tests includes cholesterol test ,  blood  pressure test,  , Diabetes test , breast and cervical cancer  screening test etc.

sometimes,  people ask question like:  when was the last time you had a regular body check?  some of the responses I get  includes: I am healthy  and as such  I don’t need to have a regular body shape,  some will say that  hospital is meant for those who are sick .

Regular health check is important  for  those who are sick and also for those who think they are healthy.

These tests when conducted at regular intervals as prescribed by your doctor, helps you to know the overall state of your body and also  to detects early warning signs of diseases and illness.

It is important to note that early detection of some common diseases is the key to providing effective medical solution to it.   Some  health facilities, Government agencies, hospitals  have made some of these tests free or cheap  in order to help with primary prevention of diseases in our environment. Identify some of the services in your area, you can also visit the nearest pharmacy outlet close to you for directions.

In conclusion,  seek  a medical appointment with your medical  practitioner today and get to know the essential health checks that are specific  for you.  do not wait for complete breakdown before seeing your doctor. Regular  health checks is meant for people who are sick and those who are well.



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