How to care for the Ears.

Essential care for the Ears.

Female ear and part of a cheek viewed from a side.
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The ear is a vital sense organ in the body for hearing and  helps to maintain  posture and balance in the body system. The ear like other sense organs in the body requires adequate care in order to maintain its basic functions.   

This article will look   at the necessary health tips , for the proper maintenance  of this vital sense organ in the body.

When working in a noisy environment, it is advisable to minimize  the decibel of the  noise that get into the ears, this could be achieved through the use of Ear plugs.   This personal protective equipment is very essential  for the public health safety of those working in noisy environment.

Keep your ears as dry as possible,   high level of moisture in the ear could lead to  growth of bacteria in the ear cavity. This could  lead to a condition known as swimmers ear or other  ear conditions in the body.

Minimize the use of cotton swabs in cleaning the ears.  It is very  essential to clean the ear on a scheduled basis, however daily use of cotton swabs  for this purpose is not recommended   because the ear requires  a little quantity of wax to function properly as it assists to  stop dust particles and other harmful substances from having access into the ear canal.

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 It is also advisable to minimise  the continuous use of audio devices like headphones when listening to music  as the continuous use of this device could lead to noise induced hearing loss.

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Loss of hearing develops gradually and most times people don’t get to notice this until the situation becomes complex, in order to avoid this, it is usually advisable to schedule a regular visit with your doctor in order to conduct appropriate screening of the ears.



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