How to care for the Nose

Essential care for the nasal system



The nose is an essential sense organ in the body system for smell,  aside from this basic function, the nose plays a vital role in the respiratory systems as it warms, Purifies and humidify the air we breathe.  This is a rare and important topic because few people are aware of how to maintain this essential air  filter system   of the human body.

This article will look at the   basic health tips for proper nose care  in order to optimise the functions of this sense organ.

Maintaining adequate care of the nose begins with a healthy  environment:

  • Keep the home clean and safe.
  • Reduce the amount of dust particles in the   environment especially during dry season.
  • Maintain a proper humidity level at home.
  • Use of nose mask when working in an environment that is filled with dust particles.
  •  Avoid  active and passive smoking.

Good nose hygiene is achieved by cleaning the nose  on a regular basis and should form part of our routine activities on daily basis.  The use of saline water solution helps to remove impurities in the nose cavity and clears the nostrils for upward movement of fresh and purified  air into the respiratory system. They are a lot of saline water solutions used for this purpose, your Pharmacist will help you to choose the suitable  saline solution for you.

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In addition to the above  essential healthcare tips for the nose, it  is advisable to schedule a visit with your doctor(otolaryngologist) in the event of  Chronic sinusitis, allergies and problems with Smell.


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