Health Checks for the body system, safety tool for prolonged living

Healthy living and life expectancy


The body system requires periodic health check up to ascertain the functionality of various cells, tissues and organs in the system.  When these essential checks are overlooked for a long time, there could be development of one disease condition or another.

Imagine buying a new car, and using this vehicle for years without the maintenance service stipulated by the manufacturer, as the driver of the vehicle, you will keep noticing gradual changes inform of loss of  system functions , overtime this results to a big fault that will require lots of money to be fixed or the car might be written off the road. The actual truth remains that this major and expensive repair could have been prevented if the initial warning signs, were put into consideration.

 The human system could be liken to the above illustration, often times the challenging  circumstances in our environment makes us to stress ourselves beyond  the maximum capacity in order to make both ends. This is usually done at the expense of our health, taking little or no care of our body system, even when the warning signs are obvious, some persons still believe that the body can handle the condition on its own.   This eventually leads to total breakdown and advancement of disease condition.

 The four primary vital signs : body temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate  and heart  rate  are essential  in detecting abnormality in the  body systems.   Persistent change in the normal range or value of these signs, calls for adequate care and urgent medical attention.

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Eating healthy food that is balanced in proportion, having adequate rest, paying attention to vital signs of the body system and  a periodic health checks  are  essential measures for healthy living and increased life expectancy.



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