How to Prevent Malaria in Sub- Sahara Africa.

Reducing the incidence of malaria in the world



Rainy season gives rise to increase in the breed of female Anopheles Mosquito which carries the organism called plasmodium Spp that causes malaria in Humans. The healthcare burden on the sub Africa healthcare system as a result of malaria is alarming, hence the need to enlighten the populace on this sensitive  public  topic .

This  write up will focus on  the necessary preventive measures geared towards  preventing the incidence of malaria attack in Africa

 Measures to prevent Malaria

  • Clear all bushes around the environment as this provides a hiding  place for mosquitoes.
  • The drainage system should be kept clean , since mosquito breeds in a swampy environment
  • The use of insecticide treated mosquito net is highly recommended as this helps to track down mosquitoes.
  • Closing of the windows and doors during the peak period to avoid entry of mosquito into the  house.

Travellers to malaria endemic region are advised to visit their GPs to get a prescription of Preventive Antimalarial medication to cover them protection from malaria bite during such visit.

 The  above tips covers preventive measures, however  if one starts feeling  symptoms  of Malaria. It is advisable to contact your doctor so that right diagnosis could be made and appropriate effective antimalaria is prescribed to you , do not forget to ask your PHARMACIST how to take the medication  because wrong usage of this  drug could lead to treatment failure and development of resistance.

In conclusion, maintaining the above tips will go a long way to prevent incident of malaria and the associated effects in the world.  The overall healthcare burden placed on public healthcare sector will be reduced.



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