Dental flossing and good oral hygiene

The relevance of dental Flossing


Dental flossing and good oral hygiene

The importance of  dental flossing in maintaining a good oral hygiene cannot be over emphasised.

My personal research on this  global health topic points to the fact that not everyone is aware of  this vital oral hygienic procedure, even those that are aware of it barely carryout this process due to reasons best known to them.

This article will explain the importance of  dental flossing  in oral hygiene.

The process of eating food makes it possible for tiny food particles or debris to enter into the spaces in between the teeth, these particles when not flossed, are gradually packed up in the region of the teeth, overtime plagues are formed which could lead to dental Problems .

Although brushing of the teeth is a vital process in oral health care, toothbrush does not get into this tiny space in between your teeth, hence the need for a Dental Floss to  get the plaque away.

According to American dental association, Flossing is usually done at least two times a day. This process is usually carried out before brushing of the teeth so that the ward off particles are taken off the mouth, during brushing.

There are different times of floss used to achieve a good oral hygiene, these are highlighted in the pictures below.

The application is easy and technical as well. Gently grab the suitable floss, slowly push it down into  space in between the teeth.   Take a gentle up and down movement to release the particles deposited in that space. Do the same for all the spaces contained in the  region of the teeth.   Carry out effective brushing of the teeth as explained in our previous post.

In addition to the above process, always schedule a regular check-up with your dentist to resolve all issues concerning your teeth.

In Conclusion, dental flossing as well as brushing of the teeth helps to maintain good oral hygiene.



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