How to maintain a good oral hygiene


This article will guide you on how to maintain  a good oral hygiene.

Orally hygiene has become a popular  health topic due to  its implications  when poorly maintained .

food particles and other debris  are deposited in the mouth cavity and inside the inner cavities of the teeth when brushing is inefficient,  this leads to growth of microbes that  can cause tooth decay and other oral conditions.

One cannot forget the bad breath (halitosis) that is associated with  poor  oral hygiene.

Having a good oral hygiene does not only make one look smart and comfortable during communication,  but also helps to keep off harmful microbes from the mouth.

The following tips  will guide you , to maintain a  good oral hygiene

Brushing of the teeth:  ensure that the teeth are being brushed at least two times in the day. Usually this is done early in the morning when you wake up from sleep , also later in the night, after your dinner, before you retire to your bed.

 Keep all the equipment used in brushing  as clean as possible,  endeavour to rinse the tooth brush  after use and air dry your tooth brush before its storage.

Always try to replace your tooth brush after 3 months, it is not meant to be used for a lifetime.

When brushing your teeth,  don’t rush to get it done, take your time to reach  all the corners of the teeth, ensuring that the tongue is properly cleaned.

In addition to maintaining the above oral hygienic tips , it is usually advisable to schedule  a regular dental cleaning and examination with your Dentist.    Always  be mindful of changes in the oral cavity such as mouth ulcers, tooth decay, sores, permanent marks on the teeth , report  any of  these cases to your doctor as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Maintaining  the above tips and scheduling a regular appointment with your dentist will help maintain a good oral hygiene and makes you  feel smart and comfortable during communication .



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