How to care for the eyes

Taking proper care of the eyes


 This article will guide  you on how to take proper care of the eyes.


 The eye is an essential sense organ in the body solely dedicated for sight.   Statistics have shown that lot of people in the world especially people from developing countries of the world rarely take adequate care of their eyes until they come down with one eye problem or the other.

 The truth of the matter remains that most of the eye problems encountered by people are preventable if adequate care has been made and early detection carried out.

 Salient health Tips on Maintaining Healthy Eyes

 Putting on  a sun glass in hot  weather.  The ultraviolet ray coming from the sun during hot environment is not healthy for the cells in the eye, long exposure  to ultra violent ray of the sun could lead to eye problems in the long run.

Observation of break when working with computers. Long exposure to the screen of your  computer and television set is not good for the eyes.  This could lead to strained and tired eyes , consequently giving rise to other eye problems in the future.

Consumption of food  , Supplements and fruits rich in Vitamin A.   vitamin A( Retionic acid)  , is known  to help maintain healthy eye,  eating fruits such as paw paw, broccoli, bell peppers, leafy greens, citrus that are rich in  vitamin A , will provide the eyes  with the  optimum level of vitamin A, required for its healthy function.

Wear eye Protective equipment when doing some works or sports that expose the head or the eyes  to high level of risk. This equipment will help protect the eyes in case of unforeseen accident emanating from these activities.

Have your blood pressure regularly checked as increased blood pressure, over a long period of time could lead to some eye problems in the body.

Maintain adequate illumination when reading in dark environment.   Proper lightening is essential when reading at night or in  a dark environment. This helps  to reduce the strain pulled on the eyes  for proper sight.

Reduce or Quit Smoking.    Excessive smoking in addition to causing cascades of problems in the body could affect the blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes. This could lead to serious eye problems in the long run.

In addition to maintaining the above tips, it is always essential to schedule an appointment with your Optometrist( eye doctor) to examine your eyes in order to see that everything is working fine and provide you with essential medical treatment and counselling if the functions of the eyes are compromised.

In conclusion, putting into practise the above tips will help you to maintain  healthy  eye and enjoy your life in its fullest through visual observation of the happenings in this beautiful planet  called Earth.



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